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Sep 01

Thought via Path

Just before napping, I suddenly have this urge to go back to Ilocos soon – Read on Path.

Sep 01

Hmm, Eastwood in 2009. I’m trying so hard but I can’t seem to remember what happened 5 years ago..

Hmm, Eastwood in 2009. I’m trying so hard but I can’t seem to remember what happened 5 years ago..

Sep 01

loveupo non-conformist

Love you too Lunamaria! I miss you! :D

Aug 28

is anybody making you happy ryt now? :) — Anonymous

If you mean happy as in making me laugh at times and entertaining me, I have quite a lot of friends doing that right now. 

If you mean happy as in make the butterflies in my stomach flutter until I get the urge to run to the bathroom to vomit,
give me goosebumps whenever my skin touches theirs,
make me smile when we catch ourselves robbing stares and kisses off of each other,
then no, I don’t have anybody making me that happy again.

Aug 22

I'm still not sure, actually. But I think I'll like the 630 or the 1520. :D — Anonymous

Hmm, those are almost polar opposites for Windows Phones, but you’ll be good with either, if you either have a tight budget or want a big phone. :))

Aug 21

It’s very easy to be cynical about love…

To be romantic, well.. That’s quite a bit harder.

Aug 20

Yey! Thank you! I might consider switching to that mobile platform. ;) — Anonymous

Good for you then! What phone do you plan on getting?

Aug 19

I'd just like to ask about your experience with it. I mean what's the difference among WP, Android, and iOS? :D — Anonymous

What’s the difference? There’s quite a number of differences between all of them but I’ll try to keep it simple:

1) Looks cleaner and fresher compared to the icon-heavy IOS and Android, a welcome breath of fresh air, if I might say
2) Looks cleaner
3) Way better battery life
4) May not have all the apps you would want (sample: IG’s still on beta), but if you’re smart enough you can find third-party apps that are waay better
5) May not have all the games you want too, but I have an ipad and an android with me so I’ve got that covered
6) VERY AWESOME CAMERAS, at least with the Lumia 1020, 1520 and 930

Aug 19

Hi. Are you using a Windows Phone? — Anonymous

Yes I am. Why do you ask? :D

Aug 13

Listening to Danza Kuduro (feat. Lucenzo) by Don Omar & Lucenzo

As soon as I stepped onto the football field last night all sorts of Brazilian and other South American music started playing in my head, including this song! – Preview it on Path.

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